Showresults NRA Kreuth/Rieden (CfbrH)

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02.06.2024 ~ judge: Harald Steinmetz, D ~ entry 33, present 31   
Thanks to Kerstin Wolff for including the results. 
Details to the individual dogs can be found in our database "Sheltie Pedigrees (verif.)".

JÜKR(1): Vv1 Inverey from little Robin Hood
JKR(3): V1, CACs-J Zestful Aramis z Heřmanova dvora
  V2, RCACs-J Ring Ding Dong von der alten Birke
  V3 Sunblessed Forest Unix
ZWR(1): V1, CACs JumboJogi vom Nixenteich
OKR(6): V1, CACs, BOS Hakuna Matata vom Affinger Bach
  V2, RCACs Royal Nose Blueberry Ice
  V3 Disney vom Affinger Bach
  V4 Nouki from my Little Crazy Heart
  V Manolo from my Little Crazy Heart
  V Cimba vom Aitrachtal
VKH(2): V1, CACs-V, BV Evi Engelchen vom Nixenteich
  2 Pearl of Perfect Dream
JÜKH(1): Vsp1 Just Georgia of Peat County
JKH(4): V1, CACs-J, BJ Quite the Attraction von der alten Birke
  V2, RCACs-J Ophelia-Elfi from my Little Crazy Heart
  V3 Elza Black von den Maustadt-Briten
  V4 Engelberg am Heubach Freya
ZWKH(2): V1, CACs JackieJackpot vom Nixenteich
  V2, RCACs Sweet Josy of Perfect Dream
CHKH(5): V1, CACs Vivian Ward z Heřmanova dvora
  V2, RCACs Tooralie's Pixie Dust
  V3 Evie Ace Of Hearts v. 't Maartenshuis
  V4 Lady Lafayette von der alten Birke
  V Mordillio's Femme Fatale Dallas
OKH(6): V1, CACs, BOB Yumberry Blueberry z Heřmanova dvora
  V2, RCACs GinieGlückskeks vom Nixenteich
  V3 Cleopatra von der alten Birke
  V4 Erin Queen Of Clubs v. 't Maartenshuis
  V Forsaela from little Robin Hood
  Sg Engelberg am Heubach Benice
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