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09.05.2024 ~ judge: Lenka Klimova, CZ ~ entry 42, present 42   
Thanks to Kerstin Wolff for including the results. 
Details to the individual dogs can be found in our database "Sheltie Pedigrees (verif.)".

VKR(2): V1, CACs-V Ch. Light My Fire Amoreno
  V2, RCACs-V Ch. Donatus Dei Gratia de Via Balaena
BKR(1): Vv1 Karady Best of Both Worlds for Birkenshelties
JKR(3): V1, CACs-J Little all my Love Black Boy of Queensland
  V2, RCACs-J Secret of Yggdrasil's Asuma Blue Soulsilver
  Sg3 Ring Ding Dong von der alten Birke
ZWKR(1): V1, CACs Horus Aureolus de Via Balaena
CHKR(1): V1, CACs Ch. Bonsai von der alten Birke
OKR(6): V1, CACs, BOB Excellent Choice Vote For Me
  V2, RCACs Unai Blue Ragnar Dogs FCI
  V3 Heros Venustus de Via Balaena
  V4 Mushu the Mighty von der alten Birke
  Sg Royal Nose Blueberry Ice
  Sg Easy Peasy von der alten Birke
VKH(3): V1, CACs-V, BV Ch. Excellent Choice Breeze of Oz
  V2, RCACs-V Little-Golden Gigi of Queensland
  Sg3 Fussel vom Schloß Ramstedt
JÜKH(1): Vv1, BJÜ Fairyglen Oano
JKH(8): V1, CACs-J, BJ Spirit of Monasteria Hailey
  V2, RCACs-J Little-Butterfly of Queensland
  V3 Utje von den Vitalienbrüdern
  V4 Rietwood Eternal Heart of Love
  V Sheepdog's Gallery Under Your Care
  V Onlijofloloune's Adele
  V Riku's Runa von der alten Birke
  V Aurelis Nordica Blue of the seven seas
ZWKH(5): V1, CACs Vayana vom Segeberger Forst
  V2, RCACs Excellent Choice Double Delight
  V3 Söte Stine von den Vitalienbrüdern
  V4 Abini von den Abenteuershelties
  V Ida vom Luhering
CHKH(4): V1, CACs, BOS Ch. High Glen Ode to Joy
  V2, RCACs Ch. Glibstruplund Blue Velve
  V3 Ch. Annazobelle's Magnificent Marabelle
  V4 Ch. Lady Lafayette von der alten Birke
OKH(7): V1, CACs Annazobelle's One In A Million
  V2, RCACs Excellent Choice Evolution of Joy
  V3 High Glen Packet of Love
  V4 Urmina vom Segeberger Forst
  V Maid Marian von der alten Birke
  Sg Honeymoon Blue vom Gerrenbach
  Sg Fairyglen Giulietta
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